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Please complete this application to fly an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle at or within 4 kilometres of the Ōpōtiki Aerodrome. Application requirements can be found on the Ōpōtiki Aerodrome page on our website. Make sure you allow at least 48 hours for us to process your application before flight is scheduled.

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The permit holder acknowledges that the flying of recreational drone aircraft and filming at or within 4 kilometres of the Ōpōtiki aerodrome is subject to the following terms and conditions 1. This permit is non-transferable 2. Permission is granted for the activity of drone flying only 3. This permit is current for the dates and times stated above 4. Observer required 5. Qualifications Required: Firstly, you will need to hold (or be supervised by someone who holds) an approved qualification. These include the following a. Pilot Qualification (from an Approved Person or Organisation b. A Pilot Licence or Certificate issued under Rule Part 61 or Part 149 c. Under Supervision d. A Model Flying New Zealand Wings Badge 6. If operating from the aerodrome no vehicles are permitted to be driven off formed roads. 7. Permit holder must comply with all airport safety signage 8. The drone must not fly over any active movement area of the aerodrome(e.g. runways, taxiways, helicopter landing sites) 9. Drone shall be operated in a sensible manner to ensure it is not hazardous to other aerodrome users or create a nuisance or hazard to, or impinge on privacy of other airport users or neighbours 10. All drone flying activity will comply with CAA rules Part 101 (and Part 102 if applicable) 11. No flying of drones during organised events unless permission granted by event organiser 12. Filming of private property is not permitted unless permission of property owner is granted 13. ODC has no liability for drone equipment which may be damaged while on ODC land 14. ODC reserves the right to review the conditions or cancel permits at any time. 15. This permit is only valid once signed by the permit holder who must be over the age of 16 and an authorised officer of the Ōpōtiki District Council.

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